Licensing information:

Jonathan Shulman is a fully licensed lawyer and a notary public in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

His practice concentrates on different areas of law, allowing clients to receive full legal advice without retaining multiple lawyers, within scope of retainer.

Services are usually provided on a flat fee basis, without hourly charges, unless agreed otherwise,
pursuant to the terms of signed retainer and directions.

He usually gets involved in many legal matters, including emergency civil, insurance, medical litigation, criminal, immigration, family, employment, estates litigation, tax litigation, bankruptcy litigation, human rights, and administrative law: federal, provincial, municipal government, and regulatory bodies applications, hearings and appeals. Regulatory body professional licensing disputes, hearings and appeals. Administrative tribunals/ government/regulatory proceedings and disputes.
Jonathan is a general trial and appeal lawyer.

Jonathan Shulman is a member of :

- Law Society of Ontario.
- Toronto Lawyers Association
- York Region Law Association
- Peel Law Association

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