Practice areas:

civilemergency civil


medical litigationmedical litigation





estates litigationestates litigation

tax litigationtax litigation

bankruptcy litigationbankruptcy litigation

human righthuman rights

proceedings and disputes
and administrative law: federal, provincial, municipal government, and regulatory bodies applications, hearings and appeals. Regulatory body professional licensing disputes, hearings and appeals. Administrative tribunals/ government/regulatory proceedings and disputes.

Once retained, our firm handles all applications, submissions, claims, investigations, hearings, motions, injunctions, trials and appeals in all matters, within the scope of the retainer.

We further get involved in expedited medical, financial, forensic and other expert evidence reviews, pursuant to the terms of the retainer.

In most cases, we are retained on a flat fee basis. Initial consultation is always free, and we do not charge on per hourly basis, unless agreed otherwise.